New Features! MSAA, IBL/PBL support.

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New Features! MSAA, IBL/PBL support. Empty New Features! MSAA, IBL/PBL support.

Post by IceNoodleBowl on Tue Feb 25, 2014 2:31 pm

So, in addition to our current graphics render, we've added in MSAA support and IBL/PBL components. For those who are not familiar with these terms, MSAA is a technique of anti-aliasing known for best visuals. IBLs will give us realistic lighting and material presentation, hence improving visuals. Here is a quick reference.

The bottle on the left (darker one) is the current water bottle model and the bottle on the right is the new one with IBL/PBL render applied. The bottle on the right also features production-level mesh so that too. The difference is quite huge and a better representation of the physical material is possible.

Please also note that the performance drop is almost negligible with IBL enabled. While MSAA, as usual will come at a performance cost. One can simply turn it off for performance gain. The 0.0.1 build is the one without MSAA enabled so one can foresee the performance impacts of MSAA. It uses FXAA at the moment, which is a faster AA technique but at lower graphical fidelity. Think of FXAA as the poor man's MSAA.

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